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Pro Tip #17: Internal Client Memo — A Record Quarter

From the desks of Joe Bayliss & Roy Furr

This week we wanted to do something we’ve never done before, and share an internal memo written for clients of FMP. It’s regarding one client’s record-breaking $180 million completed production in Q1 2024, and what we see that helps them achieve these extraordinary results.

DA: April 3, 2024

TO: FMP Clients 

FR: Joe Bayliss and Roy Furr

RE: Internal memo only

I received an email over the weekend from one of our financial advisors. They were taking a short time-out to celebrate a new record they achieved during the first quarter of 2024… $180 million in production.

This wasn’t “submitted” business. It was $180 million in completed, in-the-bank business.

Whenever we bring up the performance of this specific advisor, most of you marvel at their performance. It’s like they are the “Michael Jordan” of financial advisors. They never miss a shot. And they couldn’t possibly come close to that kind of production.

But what you may not know is the advisors who achieved this $180 million in production… are not geniuses. They didn’t go to private schools. They don’t have Masters degrees. They aren’t members of Mensa. In short, they don’t have any advantages you don’t have. 

They do, however, do a handful of things every single day - that most advisors NEVER do. And we made a list of eight of these things below…

  1. Marketing is a priority. They delegate many things - but they don’t delegate marketing. We have weekly meetings. They show up on time. They are prepared. They take notes. We talk. We brainstorm. We make decisions. We move forward.

  2. They have courage. We’re constantly testing new marketing channels, new angles and new CTAs to find that next big marketing channel.

  3. They don’t make knee-jerk, emotional decisions. They don’t measure things week to week. They don’t panic. They take the long view. 

  4. They “measure twice and cut once.” They track every marketing dollar - not just for leads, but for number of appointments set, and actual production. They analyze the data in many different ways. This helps them make smart marketing decisions that pays them in spades. 

  5. They don’t use the “free” marketing services offered by their FMO. They know there is a very high cost using these services - even when they are “free.”

  6. They plan and they execute. We’ve known all of the things we’re doing this year since the 4th quarter of 2023. They will execute that plan. Sure, there’s flexibility. Opportunities arise. Things change. So, we make adjustments along the way.

  7. They embrace imperfection. Nothing is perfect. And they know it never will be. There could be a dozen reasons to wait to do something - or put something on hold - but they still forge ahead.

  8. Lastly, they practice continuous improvement. They know each area of their business (not just marketing) can be improved and optimized. And so every day is an opportunity to do a little better. They don’t just talk about it. They are proactively taking steps every day to improve.

We will wrap it up with this… there are no big secrets here. 

If you took inventory of the way you run your business; the things you focus on and how you spend your time… are you doing these things? 

How can we help you set a record in 2024? 

We’re always here to help.

To learn how you could generate more leads with the same marketing investment, we offer a free, customized Marketing Audit. This is a 30-minute one on one meeting that focuses exclusively on what you’re doing now, and what you can do that could dramatically improve your results. We evaluate your strategy, messaging and offer. 

These customized strategy sessions are only available to advisors who have annual marketing budgets of more than $250,000. 

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