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Pro-Tip #15: Turning Cold Leads... Into Clients

From the desks of Joe Bayliss & Roy Furr

Here’s an amazing statistic…

We have an advisor who did more than $500 million in production last year. That’s not what’s amazing, though. The amazing part is that two-thirds of this $500+ million came from leads that were generated prior to January 1st, 2023.

You’re probably wondering… How did that happen?

Well, this advisor has a robust, ongoing marketing strategy to re-engage leads that have gone cold. That strategy includes email prompts, webinars, live events, dinner seminars, and more.

Dean Jackson is one of the all-time great marketers. He wrote a short book called Breakthrough DNA (great read, btw). Chapter 3 is titled “Patiently and Systematically Educate and Motivate Prospects to Meet You… When They are Ready!”

We won’t go into the whole thing here, but Dean essentially says… “People need prompting.” A few leads show up almost ready to become clients. But even more leads are not ready… yet. And they will only become a client… when they are ready. That could be two weeks, two months, or even two years or more from the time they first reach out.

So our job/your job is to offer different ways for cold prospects to re-engage with you. Stay top-of-mind, and keep giving them opportunities to raise their hand when it makes sense for them.

Here’s a quick little case study that just unfolded last week…

We just launched a webinar in February for this same advisor. We wrote the webinar deck and notes, plus the promotional emails driving registrations for the event.

Here's the exact email update we received on March 7th at 5:41 a.m.…

  • 325 registered

  • 310 attended (95%)

  • 41 appointment requests

  • 11 completed appointments (so far) with $9 million in assets

Not a bad start. But we expect to see a lot more results from the remaining appointment requests in the coming weeks. (And we could see even more potential appointments in the weeks and months to come as we continue to leverage this asset.)

But there’s something else brewing here that you should know…

Not only is this a highly effective way to re-engage cold leads, but webinars were also our second least-expensive lead source for this advisor last year. Second only to referrals.

So, we want to ask you a few questions…

What happened to the leads you generated last month or last year that didn’t turn into first or second appointments? Do you have a thoughtful strategy or a system to re-engage those leads?

Hey, they raised their hand and said they were interested at one point. Just because they didn’t immediately become clients doesn’t mean they won’t eventually become one. If it was our money, we’d be following Dean Jackson’s counsel… “People need prompting.”

We help financial advisors re-engage cold prospects and turn them into customers through weekly email prompts, webinars, live events, and more. 

We offer a Free Marketing Audit, including a Marketing Strategy Audit, to help you discover which media channels and marketing strategies will generate the biggest results for you.

Please understand we’re currently only accepting new clients who are spending a minimum of $250,000 per year in marketing.

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