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Pro Tip #3: Do Certain Times of the Year Generate More Leads? Yes.

There are two schools of thought about when you should invest in marketing.

One, you’re open for business 52 weeks a year. You don’t close for summer or around the holidays. So you need to keep your foot on the pedal 52 weeks a year. When other advisors pull back, there’s less noise from the competition and your message stands out.

Or two, if you have a limited budget, you maintain a small foundation of marketing year round. But you invest heavier during specific weeks or months when you’re not competing with things like summer vacations.

Whichever direction is right for you, there are definitely weeks — even months — when the wind is at your back and it’s easier to generate leads. Here’s a breakdown…

January – March: I wish the entire year was just January, February and March. It can be that good. The holidays are behind us. People are back in their routines. Our prospects have made New Year’s resolutions to get their financial act together. Plus, it’s the slowest month of the year for many advertising mediums, which could equate to 50% discounts. So, it’s a great time to generate leads and test new platforms when they are on sale.

April – June: April and May continue to be strong months for lead generation. June starts to slow down with the distractions of Summer.

July – September: Leads are slower in July and August due to summer vacations. But after Labor Day everything changes. Summer vacations are over. People fall back into their routines. Fall weather starts to kick in. And football and baseball bring a lot of eyeballs back to television.

October – December: The period between Labor Day and Thanksgiving is the home stretch. This is another great time to help your prospects accomplish their goals before year-end (think tax planning). Thanksgiving week is typically slow. And then you have 2 to 3 weeks before all of the retail advertising and distractions that come with the year-end holidays.

If you have questions about when you should be marketing in the New Year, apply for a free marketing audit by clicking HERE.

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